Lack of good developers is the single BIGGEST inhibiting factor to the growth of the software sector in the UK. Dev Academy brings to the table a progressive blended resourcing model, which is not only financially viable, but brings together a team based flexible approach to resourcing (without the price tag), underpinned by experienced professionals.

How does it work?

The Dev Academy is an innovative solution to increasing demands on internal project teams.

With a deep understanding the pressures the skills shortage is creating, we have developed a unique resourcing model that blends youthful enthusiasm with focused learning and experienced knowledgeable, business ready support. The result is a dedicated developer team skilled in the technologies your business requires.

Why work with Dev Academy?

Engaging with Dev Academy will give your company access to our skilled, dedicated teams in order to create your future workforce and build resource without the lengthy and expensive recruitment process. We can place teams of experienced staff and new talent within an organisation without disrupting workflow.

Our packaged team combines ‘ready to hire’ Dev Academy juniors who are supported by an experienced developer mentor (sourced by ourselves) – all delivering to your brief from day one.

Selected juniors would have gone through a rigorous recruitment process and been up-skilled in the required relevant technologies.

The Benefits

Our model provides the optimum solution to building capacity across specific development skills, whilst aligning skills and experience with corporate culture and processes.

  • We can build capacity across any development areas
  • There are significant cost savings to using contract resource
  • Minimise the risk of loss of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Our rigorous process ensures juniors are skilled, ambitious and dedicated
  • Our programmes create instant impact and output
  • The solution is perfectly aligned to support Corporate Social Responsibility efforts

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