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My skills in various areas were improved through the course. Not only did I learn software development, but various imperative skills were also built on. I joined the 6 week course in Autumn 2016 and met some insanely talented people and that allowed my confidence and skill set to blossom. I took that into my interviews and now the early days of my new job.


The course overall has been extremely useful, as I have gained a lot of skills and learnt a lot about programming full stack apps. It helped gain employment in the software sector.

The teaching by the tutor who covered C# and the ones who covered Agile and databases was brilliant, and I learned a lot from them. I have also done a lot more research around data modelling and normalisation as I found this fascinating.


Dev Academy helped me to revitalise my programming skills, taught me things that I had missed out on in my degree and gave me more confidence in my skills as a programmer


I was lucky enough to be offered a place on the course and met some amazing people as well as furthered my knowledge. Sharing experiences and my understanding with people from differing backgrounds was a great way to learn. After interviewing with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I was fortunate enough to be offered a role and have been there ever since. Dev Academy was an amazing opportunity to help kick start my career. It’s also one more female technician in the IT sector.


Dev Academy helped me to develop my coding skills and to land my ideal role as a developer. It had been over 4 years since graduating from University and the Dev Academy course gave me more confidence in both my coding and personal skills. I had previously applied for IT roles in the North East and often wouldn’t hear back because I had no IT work based experience & a lack of confidence. The course gave that crucial experience and confidence in my abilities as well as CV and interview tips. I would recommend the Dev Academy course to anyone who has an interest or passion in IT. It is a fast track course giving you the skills you really need for IT roles.


The programme is designed by professionals with desired skills in mind, desired by a potential employer. This guidance is of incredible value, if you’re not sure where to start and which way to actually develop to be employable. You get mentoring which doesn’t come with Internet tutorials and this alone is a great asset.
Dev Academy training programme is a future for getting people in the IT sector, people, who can actually change the world as we know it. All in all it’s a fantastic experience where you meet likely minded people. It is definitely worth your time invested.

Thanks to the Dev Academy course, I improved my practical Java coding skills and I also got a taste of an actual software development life-cycle, including project management and UX design. I met people from various backgrounds, which helped me to develop my interpersonal skills.  The course helped to improve both my technical skills and confidence. As a result, I landed a role as a trainee business system developer with British Engines.


Since starting Dev Academy I have developed and refined a lot of my skills, in both programming and interpersonal abilities such as working with others in a team based environment employing agile methodologies. Working with Dev Academy has bolstered my CV and in turn my online presence has become more prevalent, thus making me a lot more enticing to employers. Dev Academy has given me the opportunities to achieve the first steps on the road to a bright career path I have always desired.


Undertaking a course at Dev Academy has provided me with the skills needed to work as a developer. Throughout the course I gained valuable knowledge from both students and teachers when undertaking projects individually and as a team. I am really thankful that Dev Academy gave me this opportunity as I have now secured my first Junior Developer position with Xentrall Shared Services.


I joined Dev Academy for an open evening where they quickly got me excited about the opportunity they were offering. After 8 weeks of training and an intensive interview process I was selected by Hewlett Packard to join as a Cloud Environment Support Analyst in the test environment. Then in April 2015 I was promoted to WSP AMS Problem Manager in the live environment. I can honestly say that joining the Dev Academy has kick started my career in IT! As the first female graduate of the Dev Academy I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in IT to join the program. All of the team at Dev Academy have been continuously supportive during the training and interview process. It has been a blast!


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