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Candidate Testimonials

DevAcademy candidate Kristina Dambrauskaite

Kristina Dambrauskaite

“Thanks to the Gateshead DevAcademy course, I improved my practical Java coding skills and I also got a taste of an actual software development life-cycle, including project management and UX design. I met people from various backgrounds, which helped me to develop my interpersonal skills.  The course helped to improve both my technical skills and confidence. As a result, I landed a role as a trainee business system developer with British Engines.  ”

DevAcademy candidate Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly

“I found DevAcademy just by searching for local companies in my field of interest when I first moved up.  My skills in various areas were improved through the course. Not only did I learn software development, which is something I plan on continuing in my spare time, but various imperative skills were also built on. I joined the 6 week course in Autumn 2016 and met some insanely talented people and that allowed my confidence and skill set to blossom. I took that into my interviews and now the early days of my new job.”

DevAcademy candidate Sharaz Zaid

Sharaz Zaid

“Undertaking a course at DevAcademy has provided me with the skills needed to work as a developer. Throughout the course I gained valuable knowledge from both students and teachers when undertaking projects individually and as a team. I am really thankful that DevAcademy gave me this opportunity as I have now secured my first Junior Developer position with Xentrall Shared Services.”

DevAcademy candidate Graham Hickson

Graham Hickson

“DevAcademy have been amazing and given me a chance to grow and change my ideas for the future into realities. I really enjoyed the training course as it allowed me to collaborate with like-minded individuals and further develop my design skills. Thanks to DevAcademy, I have now secured my first role as lead developer at Powerhouse Software. Much more than just a training provider or agency, DevAcademy are a true dream factory.”

DevAcademy candidate Tom Rowe

Tom Rowe

“DevAcademy helped me to develop my coding skills and to land my ideal role as a developer. It had been over 4 years since graduating from University and the DevAcademy course gave me more confidence in both my coding and personal skills. I had previously applied for IT roles in the North East and often wouldn’t hear back because I had no IT work based experience & a lack of confidence. The course gave that crucial experience and confidence in my abilities as well as CV and interview tips. I would recommend the DevAcademy course to anyone who has an interest or passion in IT. It is a fast track course giving you the skills you really need for IT roles!”

DevAcademy candidate Chantelle Brown

Chantelle Brown

“I heard about the course when DevAcademy came into my college to talk to us and I knew I wanted to take a chance and see where it could take me. I was lucky enough to be offered a place on the course and met some amazing people as well as furthered my knowledge. Sharing experiences and my understanding with people from differing backgrounds was a great way to learn. After interviewing with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I was fortunate enough to be offered a role and have been there ever since. DevAcademy was an amazing opportunity to help kick start my career. It’s also one more female technician in the IT sector!”

DevAcademy candidate Fox Nicholson

Fox Nicholson

“I found out about the DevAcademy training course when I was in my last week of college. The training provided me with a further understanding of Java and other skills and after completing it, I was offered an interview with HPE and subsequently a junior position. Thanks to DevAcademy and the course they provided, I was employed as a trainee developer working for a global IT provider. After 14 months I then moved to a start up software company where I'm developing apps and utilising my skills further.”

DevAcademy candidate Lorena Chin-A-Foeng

Lorena Chin-A-Foeng

“I joined the DevAcademy for an open evening where they quickly got me excited about the opportunity they were offering. After 8 weeks of training and an intensive interview process I was selected by Hewlett Packard to join as a Cloud Environment Support Analyst in the test environment. Then in April 2015 I was promoted to WSP AMS Problem Manager in the live environment. I can honestly say that joining the DevAcademy has kick started my career in IT! As the first female graduate of the DevAcademy I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in IT to join the program. All of the team at DevAcademy have been continuously supportive during the training and interview process. It has been a blast!”

DevAcademy candidate David Coggins

David Coggins

“Throughout my time on the course with DevAcademy I acquired a more confident outlook both in an academic sense as well as a personal sense, Becoming overall a more employable individual helping me to acquire and fit into a role with the software development industry, this has also allowed me to gain a wide range of skill applicable to future opportunities that may arise.”

DevAcademy candidate Karl Wynn

Karl Wynn

“Since starting DevAcademy I have developed and refined a lot of my skills, in both programming and interpersonal abilities such as working with others in a team based environment employing agile methodologies. Working with DevAcademy has bolstered my CV and in turn my online presence has become more prevalent, thus making me a lot more enticing to employers. DevAcademy has given me the opportunities to achieve the first steps on the road to a bright career path I have always desired.”

Partner Testimonials

“We needed to find an eager, ambitious individual who could hit the ground running and grow within the role. We knew Dev Academy had a good reputation for up-skilling candidates with the right attitude and so asked them to assist us. We were delighted to find the perfect person for the job through their services and would recommend them to any companies wishing to invest in their future workforce.”

- Operations Director, Direct Technology Ltd

“The ability to define our training needs to meet our specific roles was also of huge benefit and gave us confidence that the trainees who came to us would have the right skills needed for our roles. Being part of the recruitment and hiring process allowed us to choose the right candidates that would fit into the HP teams. The DevAcademy resources have received praise from senior leadership as well as some of our clients who have had exposure to their work.”

- Applications Development / Test RDC Lead, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

“Working with the DevAcademy has been hugely beneficial in terms of the talent sourced for us and the money saved by not using a recruitment agency. We were impressed by the quality of candidates put in front of us and would recommend their services to other companies.”

- Managing Director, Powerhouse Software

“We have developed a strong working relationship with Dev Academy since partnering with them in Summer 2014. Their unique business model delivers an innovative and cost effective solution to recruitment and retention challenges within the tech sector. I would recommend their professional and efficient services to companies looking to recruit high calibre candidates. Lindsay Philips.”

- Managing Director UK&I Applications Delivery Centres, Hewlett Packard Enterprises